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  • Velocity Ledger Technology (VLT) Releases Testnet for Compliant Platform for Issuance, Trading and Settlement of Digital Assets in Bermuda

Companies seeking to issue digital assets can utilize Velocity Ledger Technology to conduct an ICO in Bermuda on a white label Software-as-a-Service basis.

May 28, 2019 07:00 ET | Source: Velocity Ledger
NEW YORK CITY / HAMILTON, BERMUDA, May 28, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- (via Blockchain Wire) Velocity Ledger Technology today released its testnet and blockchain network API. This allows the community to develop applications to integrate with the network for the issuance, trading and settlement of digital asset tokens.

The VLT platform is a compliant platform for issuing, trading and settlement of digital assets in Bermuda, which has been gaining traction as the world’s best jurisdiction to issue ICOs, STOs, NFTs and other digital assets. In addition to Bermuda, VLT will operate in numerous jurisdictions including the U.S., Canada and Asia, and is expected to deploy its main net by Q3 2019.

VLT is allowing early access to the core API with a blockchain viewer for third-party integration as well as a traditional web portal which supports the full lifecycle management of new digital assets. Participants can fill out early request forms on the Velocity Ledger website to connect to the testnet.

Companies seeking to issue digital assets can utilize Velocity Ledger Technology to conduct an ICO in Bermuda on a white label Software-as-a-Service basis. Companies must file independently and be approved by the Ministry of Finance and/or Bermudan Monetary Authority to comply with the BR 65 ICO Regulations of 2018.

Participants interested in using the technology are required to purchase tokens and be stakeholders on the network. Velocity Ledger Holdings Limited ”VLHL” has been approved to conduct an initial coin offering “ICO” by the Ministry of Finance of Bermuda in accordance with the companies act of 1981. The VL token sale was approved on March 22, 2019 and is currently underway. Qualifying participants can purchase tokens directly from www.VelocityLedger.com. Token benefits include revenue sharing and monthly distribution of newly minted tokens to stakeholders.

“The Velocity Ledger Technology stack utilizes core components for matching developed by Fundamental Interactions over seven years and deployed globally by exchange operators and alternative trading systems,” said Julian Jacobson of Velocity Ledger. “Issued tokens can trade and then settle on the public network.”

About Velocity Ledger

VL Financial Ltd. ("VL Financial"), together with its affiliate, Velocity Ledger Technology (Bermuda) Limited ("VL Tech"), are the sole wholly-owned subsidiaries of Velocity Ledger Holding Limited ("VLHL"), all of which were incorporated in 2018 as Bermuda exempted companies limited by shares. VLHL is itself a wholly-owned subsidiary of Velocity Ledger Technology, Inc., a Delaware corporation ("VLTI" and, collectively with VLHL, VL Tech and VL Financial, the "Velocity Ledger Group").

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