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The platform provides enterprise trading and settlement infrastructure from a single platform deployment which can power both security token and cryptocurrency exchange operations

NEW YORK — 5th August 2019 — Fundamental Interactions (FI), leading global provider of technology to both securities and cryptocurrency exchanges, today announces its dual-purpose market center.  The system can serve the requirements of a security token exchange as well as crypto-currency exchange from the same code base and deployment.   

The platform provides a range of settlement capabilities to power different exchange models.  This includes both traditional settlements using regulatory reporting and central clearing as well as blockchain-based settlement. The system allows assets to be represented as proxy tokens on a private chain for trading on the platform while stored either on public blockchains or with integrated custody and trust partners such as Bitgo and Prime Trust.  

The digital assets product provides support for native blockchain protocols like ethereum, bitcoin and stellar and offers routing and market data integration with over thirty-five of the major digital asset and cryptocurrency exchanges. It also supplies tools for onboarding and managing customer bases leveraging systems integration with third parties such as Identity Mind and Chainalysis. 

“New demand for exchanges in the market today is mainly fueled by blockchain and tokenization,” says Julian Jacobson, President, and C.O.O. of Fundamental Interactions “and many security token exchanges operate cryptocurrency trading markets in parallel while they wrestle through the regulatory and time to market challenges of getting their security token exchanges going. The FI technology stack affords the versatility to build along both paths simultaneously from one platform”. 

Clients deploying the system trade tens of billions of dollars in notional value every 24-hour cycle across the globe.

The platform trades at sub-100 microsecond tick to trade latency and performs consistently under varying loads without degradation or disruption. The architecture ensures fault tolerance to application and hardware failure and the system has mature exception handling capabilities so it can carry on through any unexpected circumstances or operational failures.  Processes are configured with hot-hot fail-over with both primary and secondary running in real-time; there is no single point of failure or system downtime. 

About Fundamental Interactions 

Rising to challenges and opportunities posed by regulation, technology, and market structure shifts – Fundamental Interactions develops leading enterprise market center technology platforms. The systems are widely deployed by securities & crypto exchanges, ATS, and inter-dealer brokers across a variety of asset classes and geographic regions.




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