NANO Exchange Portal Features


List a Company for Trading

  • Automated issuer application and company on-boarding
  • Create/manage a dynamic corporate profile for investors
  • Corporate profile on the public website
  • Display of live trading and price charts
  • Integrated display of EDGARs SEC financial data and news
  • Publish company news and announcements


Trading Interface

  • Trading interfaces for entering and managing orders
  • Custom order entry tickets for the market maker, buy side, and etc.
  • Real-time blotters for viewing orders, positions, cash and tradees

Direct Issuance

Crowd Funding Portal

  • Create and syndicate direct securities offerings to investors
  • Automated deal flow for Reg D, Reg A +, ICOs
  • Electronic forms, approvals management, and investors communications
  • Manage public and private deal room investor access
  • Describe the investment with pictures, documents, bios and etc.
  • Messaging and communications with approved investors


Crowd Funding Portal

  • Browse direct offerings/investments profiles (tombstones)
  • See investment information, public site/deal room
  • Submit deal forms, attestations, pledge on investment offering
  • Manage interest list of deals, issuers and investors

Settlement Admin

Administrator Portal

  • Blockchain-powered settlement system
  • Trade reconciliation (view, manage, approve, firm transactions)
  • Peer-to-peer, inter-broker settlement tools
  • Manage trading for brokerage accounts and sub-accounts



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